Model organization for all women: Kongra Star -6

“Kongra Star diplomacy has carried out important work in making the Revolution in Rojava known all around the world and increasing support for Rojava,” said Ruken Ehmed, member of the Diplomacy Committee of Kongra Star.

Diplomacy Committee makes its voice heard all around the world
Qamişlo- The Diplomacy Committee of Kongra Star, which draws its strength from women, has carried out its works and activities to make the Revolution in Rojava all around the world. It develops relations with the countries around the world in order to make the women's revolution and voice heard. The Diplomacy Committee of Kongra Star was formed in 2016 and it has played an important role in developing relations. It has also developed its organization in Lebanon, Europe, and Federal Kurdistan Region, where Kongra Star has representation offices. We spoke to Ruken Ehmed, a member of the Diplomacy Committee of Kongra Star, about the role and mission of the committee.
“The committee makes the Kurdish cause known all around the world”
Stating that they make the Kurdish cause known all around the world through the committee, Ruken Ehmed said:
“After the Revolution in Rojava, diplomatic work and activities have become more important. The people needed to forge public opinion at the international level. The Kurdish people, the pioneers of the Revolution in Rojava Kurdistan, needed to make the struggle in the region heard all around the world. We, as the Diplomacy Committee, have established diplomatic relations at the international level. We have already established diplomatic relations in Europe to make the Kurdish cause known. We can say that the resistance in Kobanî and the death of Arin Mirkan opened the door of diplomacy and made the women’s revolution known. Making the revolution and resistance of people known caused pressure on states and paved the way for a power like NATO to intervene in the siege of Kobanî. This intervention or support didn't happen by itself, it happened because the diplomatic work forged public opinion at the international level. Social diplomacy has developed, particularly in the 21st century. The struggle of the people is shared with people through diplomacy. Through the diplomatic works and activities, we have established relations with many women’s organizations and institutions and it paves the way for forming an international network.”
“The Diplomacy Committee was formed in 2016”
Stating that the Diplomacy Committee was formed in 2016, Ruken Ehmed continued to talk as follows;
“Before the Revolution in Rojava, we didn’t carry out any diplomatic work or activity. There was the Assyrian Women's Union but it worked with the Baathist Regime. In 2005, the Yekitiya Star was founded and began to work in Rojava Kurdistan. After the Baathist regime killed Kurdish children at the football stadium in Qamishlo on March 12, 2004, Yekitiya Star’s organization grew, and then it became Kongra Star. Kongra Star expanded its works across Rojava. It consists of 12 committees. The Diplomacy Committee is one of them. The committee was formed in 2016 to establish diplomatic relations at the international level. After the liberation of Kobanî, Autonomous Administration was declared. The Autonomous Administration paved the way for diplomacy. Kongra Star is the first umbrella organization of women to take part in politics, society, administration, and diplomacy. Many regional and international delegations that visited the region got to know more about our revolution and the danger level of ISIS through Kongra Star. At the beginning of the revolution, the armed struggle was at the frontline, but after the declaration of the Autonomous Administration, many women took part in it. Women’^s role in the military, politics, and diplomatic works is very important for us. At the same time, our revolution opened its door to internationalist women and many people joined our revolution. The Diplomacy Committee has reached many women all around the world and we have waged a joint struggle.”
“We have relations with international women's organizations”
Speaking about their relations with international women’s organizations, Ruken Ehmed said, “During the attacks on Serêkaniyê, we opened a representation office in Europe and asked support from our friends living in Europe through this office. 25 committees were formed in 12 countries with the “Save Rojava” slogan. These committees have supported our revolution and organized protests and campaigns. We have been working across the Middle East for about two years. We joined the international women’s march. We are a member of the IWA. We have carried out a joint struggle with the Middle East Women's Initiative (MEWI) consisting of 35 women’s organizations. We are in touch with the Rewaya Jin Organization in Afghanistan. We established the diplomatic information center about two years ago. This center has prepared reports about the massacres and attacks against women by the Turkish state, Turkey-backed factions, and ISIS in Afrin, Serêkaniyê, and Grê Spî. We share the reports on social media platforms.”
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