Environmental and health benefits of eco-friendly construction in Tunisia

The Consulting and Business Corporation organized the 14th Eco-friendly Construction Energy Control and Renewal Exhibition on June 22–23 with the motto, "Eco-Friendly Building: The Next Building Revolution”.


Tunisia- Malika Qariri told NuJIINHA that Eco-friendly building has become one of the main criteria for purchasing in many countries, which depends on ecological building and architecture based on climate and greenness. Building frugal and rational energy consumption would be the focus of discussion during the exhibition held in the presence of those concerned with ecological constructors and specialists in the field.

Development of eco-tourism

Malika emphasized the need of moving toward eco-friendly building, which sadly suffers from a lack of demand while having ecological benefits, advantages, especially on human health as well as on energy savings. She also said that public administrations should use ecological construction requirements to save money on air conditioning. “This sort of architecture, which is prevalent in the country's northwest, has a fantastic visual dimension that international tourists appreciate, contributing to the development of eco-tourism,” she added

An opportunity to learn

During the exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to learn about novel strategies for combating climate change in urban areas. She called on the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment to train young people in this context.