Women establishing initiative against occupation to document war crimes

Speaking about the activities of the “Initiative of Women for the Defense of Kurdistan against Occupation”, Pencewîn Elî told us that they will document the war crimes committed by Turkey and send them to the relevant parties.


Qamishlo- The “Rojava Kurdish Women's Consultation Meeting” was held in Qamishlo on May 15 under the leadership of Kongra Star, North-East Syrian women’s umbrella organization. After the meeting, the women announced the establishment of the “Initiative of Women for the Defense of Kurdistan against Occupation”. The members of the initiative are women from different nations and religions. On June 15, the women held a meeting to form the coordination and committees of the initiative. NuJINHA spoke to Pencewîn Elî, a member of the Diplomacy Committee of Kongra Star and the Initiative of Women for the Defense of Kurdistan against Occupation, about the activities of the initiative.

“Our aim is to stand against the occupation”

Noting that the meeting was held on June 15, Pencewîn Elî said, “Women from four parts of Kurdistan and other countries participated in the meeting. The political developments in Kurdistan and the occupation in the Kurdistan Region were discussed at the meeting. As is known, the attacks of the Turkish state have been intensified. Some areas have been occupied as a result of these attacks. For this reason, an initiative was launched under the umbrella of Kongra Star. The establishment of the initiative was announced on June 7. 75 women politicians, members of the political parties and women’s organizations in Rojava, Bakur, Başûr and Rojhilat Kurdistan and Europe, participated in the initiative. Our aim is to struggle against the occupation and not allow our lands to be plundered.”

Establishment of committees

Indicating that the initiative coordination consists of nine women, Pencewîn Elî said, “Two women from four parts of Kurdistan and a woman from Europe will take part in this coordination. At the meeting, the women decided to establish the committees of the initiative so that we could document rights violations against children and women and send them to relevant legal committees. We will report the rights violations due to the occupation to the relevant parties such as human rights and legal organizations. Until now, we have issued many statements condemning the rights violations committed by the Turkish state in the region.”

“Fulfill your responsibilities”

Calling on the human rights and legal organizations to fulfill their responsibilities, Pencewîn Elî said, “We will also carry out joint activities in Kurdistan and give information about the Kurdish cause to the peoples living in the region with us. The occupiers target not only Kurdish people but also all peoples living in the region. We will strongly support our initiative and have important achievements.”