Place where communal life built: Cirnika Bicuk

The people of Cirnika Bicuk village, one of the model settlements where communal life is built, are determined not to leave their homes and lands despite all the attacks.


Qamishlo- The system in Rojava Kurdistan always defends democracy, communal life and coexistence. The people of the Cirnika Bicuk village of NE Syrian Qamishlo city have a communal life. Despite the ongoing conflicts and attacks in their region, they never leave their village and live together like a big family. Most of the people living in the village were born and grew up there.  We spoke to Zeyneb Şero, who has lived in the village for 43 years about the life in the village.

Speaking about the communal life in the village, Zeynep Şero said, “I have lived in this village for about 43 years. In the past, there were no houses in the village because the Ba'athist regime didn’t allow people to build houses and the municipality pulled down the existing houses. For this reason, the people, who wanted to build a house, had to start building it at night and complete the construction until morning. The communal life in the village strengthens us. Years have passed and our children have grown up. We do everything together and help each other.”

They open their houses for displaced people

Indicating that the people of the village haven’t left their village for 45 years, Zeynep Şero said,” The village of Cirnika has many features that distinguish it from other villages. The most important feature is that the villagers never leave their village despite everything. Many attacks have been carried out in the regions of NE Syria. The villagers open their houses for the displaced people. My newest neighbor in the village has lived here for 15 years. Despite the ongoing Turkish attacks, we will never leave our village.”

 “We will not leave our houses”

Emphasizing that they will never leave their houses and lands, Zeyneb Şero said, “We support the revolution of our children. We have lost many children. I do my best to support Mala Jin (Women’s House). No matter what happens, we will not leave our village. We want to die in our village. We will not allow the Turkish-backed factions to occupy our lands.”