Journey from France to Rojava

Dersîm Mizgîn was born and grew up in France but she went to Rojava to learn more about the revolution. Now, she is a member of the YPJ and defends North and East Syria.


Hasakah-The ongoing Turkish attacks in North and East Syria continue to spark protests all around the world. Hundreds of women living in Europe have come to Rojava in order to know more about the revolution in Rojava led by women and known as women’s revolution. One of these women is 22-year-old Dersîm Mizgîn, who was born and grew up in France.

Journey to Rojava

Dersîm Mizgîn, travelled to many countries before coming to Rojava. She went to North and East Syria in order to know more about the revolution in Rojava after seeing the struggle of the YPJ/YPG fighters against ISIS between 2014 and 2015. Stating that she watched many films and read many books about the Revolution in Rojava, Dersîm Mizgîn said that she wanted to see the revolution on the ground.

“I came to Rojava in 2020 in order to know more about the revolution. The Middle East and Europe are different from each other. When I arrived here, I faced many challenges because I did not know the culture and language of the people. But the system and ideology of women in North and East Syria attracted my attention.  There are many revolutions in history, but for the first time, there is a revolution defined as a women's revolution. I am happy to get to know more about the system.”

She felt angry

Indicating that she felt angry when she read reports about the attacks on Afrin and Shahba, Dersîm Mizgîn said, “I went to Shahba and listened to the stories of the displaced people of Afrin. At that time, I felt angrier against the Turkish state. The resistance of the fighters against the Turkish state in Afrin, Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ayn) and Girê Spî (Tell Abyad) impressed Europe. The resistance of the fighters against occupiers impressed us, the left organizations in Europe. We held marches in Europe to protest the attacks. Before they fought ISIS but now they fight the Turkish state, a NATO member. All states keep silent against rights violations committed by Turkey and the Turkish attacks. But many marches and protests were held in European countries such as Germany and France to protest the Turkish attacks. Many young people were impressed by the revolution in Rojava. For this reason they came here and joined the revolution after Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî were occupied. Some of them wrote books and shot films about the revolution.”

International conspiracy

Reacting to the Turkish state for targeting civilians in its attacks, Dersîm Mizgîn said that women are killed, tortured and raped in Afrin. “The Turkish state aims to destroy North and East Syria and it targets women because women play an important role in their society,” she said and drew attention to the powers supporting Turkey. “Germany sells weapons to Turkey. Undoubtedly, NATO also has its own interests in Syria. Turkey tells NATO 'if you do not approve my new offensive, I will send refugees to Europe'. Europe does not accept refugees. For this reason, it accepts all demands of Turkey. There is an international conspiracy against North and East Syria. The Kurdistan Region, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Germany, France and NATO member countries are parties to this conspiracy.”

“Join the revolution”

Dersîm Mizgîn called on all people to join the revolution in Rojava. “As an internationalist and member of the YPJ, I call on all people to defend the territories of North and East Syria. We will fight to the end against all attacks. We call on all people defending the freedom for women, women’s revolution, those who want freedom and feminist organizations to join the revolution.”