Gazan artist addresses social issues in her artworks

Palestinian young artist Halima Al-Kahlout (27) addresses social justice and issues in her artworks.


Gaza- Palestinian young artist Halima Al-Kahlout (27) addresses social issues through her artworks by using a different and unusual material in the Gaza Strip. She uses cardboards to produce her artworks.  We spoke to her about her artworks.

She told us that she tries to convey social messages in unconventional ways and methods. Speaking about how she decided to carry out such a project, she said, “There are other unconventional ways and methods that attract attention to the minds before the eyes. I chose to use cardboard, available for everyone, to convey social messages. The idea is based on simplicity. I recycle and paint cardboards to produce my artworks. This idea came to me when I saw the old mincer at home. In light of the technological and modern developments nowadays, I began to think how this idea could be effective to express my thoughts.”

Pointing out that art in all its forms has become able to express the tragic reality and social issues anywhere in the world, she said that she first made a helicopter whose height and width exceeded 120 cm and 160 cm after working more than a month to draw attention to wars and crises.

“I have been able to express the political and social issues faced by us in the Gaza Strip and shed light on rights violations, including the right to life and treatment. I produced three household manual spoons by using cardboard. I painted them to draw attention to the deteriorating conditions of women in the Gaza Strip. I participated in an international exhibition and I was surprised when I saw how people loved my artworks.”

“I want to show my artworks to the whole world”

Speaking about her dreams, Halima Al-Kahlout said, “The breadwinners of half of Palestinian families are women and girls. They are the most marginalized groups in the labor force. I want to participate in international exhibitions and competitions to show my artworks to the whole world.”