‘Our Heritage” exhibition held in Egypt

The “Our Heritage” exhibition was held in Egypt with the participation of women from many countries.


Cairo- The “Our Heritage” exhibition is one of the most important exhibitions held in Egypt because many people display their handicrafts and creativity during the exhibition. The exhibition is an important exhibition because not only people in Egypt but also all around the world participate in it to display, market and sell their products. This year, the women participating in the exhibition complained about the high prices of fees and booth cost.

The exhibition is an unattainable dream due to its high fees

The designer of handicrafts, Suha Sobhi, said that the exhibition is one of the most important handicraft events that brings together exhibitors from inside and outside the country and preferred by most of those who are interested in handicrafts. She also stated that young artists look forward to the day when they can participate in the exhibition without covering the costs that exceed their means. “One of the challenges I have faced in the country and abroad is not to be able to market my products. Another challenge I have faced is the high prices of raw materials,” she told NuJINHA.

The high prices of fees affect them

Crochet and handicraft designer Hanan Al-Tayeb told us that although they sold their products at the exhibition, they could not afford the fees and booth cost. Complaining about the high price of fees and booth cost, she said that the high prices negatively affect them.

Abeer Saad El-Din, an artist and designer of miniatures, spoke about the application process and said, “I sent my online application and I received their reply very fast. They asked me for more details to participate in the exhibition. I sent them more details about my products. Now, I am in touch with many people from other countries. I have many clients in many countries thanks to the Our Heritage exhibition.”

Experiences are more important

Hanan Mitri, a handicraft trainer, thinks the exhibition makes a great contribution to her. “I participated in the exhibition to build a strong national and international network. The experiences I gained during the exhibition are more important than the price of frees and booths.”