Members of Golden Crescent Movement share their experiences to overcome challenges

Members of the Golden Crescent Movement of Afrin canton in northern and eastern Syria have developed their creative and cultural skills by sharing their experiences and learning from other women’s experiences.


Shahba-The Afrin canton branch of the Golden Crescent Movement in Shahba spoke about their association with their Kurdish culture and art and how they develop each other by working together and learning from each other's experiences. They are now multi-talented and teachers of children.

They overcome obstacles with determination

Bahar Suleiman, a member of the movement, began to sing and dance in a folkloric style when she was 13 years old. She has never given up singing and dancing even after she was forcibly displaced from Afrin in 2018. “We faced many obstacles and difficulties but we overcame all obstacles and difficulties to pursue our artistic journey. We gradually came together and opened a special center for the movement's activities.” Bahar Suleiman began to play the drum at celebrations and events, she drew everyone's attention, “We overcame all barriers and obstacles with determination,” she told NuJINHA.

“We learn from each other's experiences”

Zainab Ibo Al-Ashar, a folk dance teacher and member of the movement, was a member of a folk dance group in Afrin canton but after the occupation of Afrin, each member of the group had to go to different places. “After being displaced from Afrin to Shahba, I decided to be a member of this movement. Now, I teach folk dance to children. As members of the movement, we teach children how to dance, sing, play musical instruments while learning from each other’s experiences.”

Their aim is to preserve their culture

Suzdar Omar is a member of the Golden Crescent Movement's theatre group. The movement has two theatre groups, one for kids and one for young people. She is the teacher of the children’s theatre group. “Our aim is to preserve our culture through the art of theatre. The children’s theatre group frequently performs in local events and activities.”