Malika Omrani makes her voice heard through her books

Tunisian writer and poet Malika Omrani says that she is able to make her voice heard by people despite the challenges.


Tunisia- Tunisian writer, poet and critic Malika Omrani, who was awarded the Zubaida Bashir Prize, has recently published her book titled, “Critical Essays on the Prose and Poetry/ مقالات نقدية في الشعر والنثر)” after working on it for 10 years. NuJINHA interviewed her about her book and works.

“I try to make my voice heard by people”

Your new critical book attracts considerable attention in the literary community and press. Could you give information about your book?

I am finally able to make my voice heard by people despite the challenges. I have tried to make my voice heard in Tunisia for 30 years. I have spent my life writing articles for newspapers and writing three books.

“I have created a cultural and poetic work”

When did you start writing? Could you tell us your writing journey?

I have written poetry, prose and articles in the Tunisian cultural and media scene since the mid-nineties. I published my first book in 2013. I have also written short stories for newspapers and magazines. In 2018, my second book was published. My second book tells the experience and suffering of a Tunisian writer, who struggles to make her voice heard despite the challenges faced by her. My second book motivated me to keep writing. Four years later, my book titled, “Critical Essays on the Prose and Poetry” was published after collecting the creative critical articles, stories that I had written for press outlets and university research works.

Your poems, stories and articles reflect your intellectual knowledge. Did anyone support you in your writing journey?

First, I am a diligent person, a good reader of old poems, books, hadith and articles. Second, I have a family supporting me to complete my master's degree. At Tunis University, I learned my things about poetry and writing from the most prominent professors.

What do you think about the situation of Tunisian writers?

There are many important Tunisian poets and writers, who have affected literature all around the world. The Covid-19 pandemic also affected the poets and writers. But I think that the situation of Tunisian poetry and literature is good.

“I encourage children to read books”

You started the “Life is a Story” club for children to encourage children to read books. What do children and their parents think about this club?

I think this club, aiming to encourage children to read books and edit texts, is one of the most important cultural experiences that I have gone through until now. I make great efforts to encourage children to read books and write. Their parents are very happy to send their children to the club because their children spend less time on social media.”