Lebanese artist supports cancer patients with her art

Lebanese contemporary artist Nina Taher held an exhibition called “Rhythm of Life” consisting of 35 paintings at the Exode Art Gallery in Ashrafieh to support cancer patients.


Beirut- Lebanese contemporary artist Nina Taher held an exhibition called “Rhythm of Life” at the Exode Art Gallery located in Ashrafieh, an area in eastern Beirut, Lebanon. The exhibition was held from July 21 to July 27. The artist exhibited her 35 paintings portraying villagers, workers, dancers, religious and modern women.

The proceeds of the exhibition go to cancer patients

Stating that some proceeds of the exhibition go to cancer patients, Nina Taher said, “I did not draw anything about the disease because I wanted to highlight joy, a beautiful life and hope in my paintings. I avoided transmitting pain and sadness, because we have already suffered a lot and now we have the right to be happy.”

She portrays women in her paintings

Stating that she has lost many of her friends due to cancer, Nina Taher said, “I started my preparation for the exhibition in 2021. After working hard, I drew 35 paintings and wrote their stories. I portrayed women including working rural women, women dancers, and ballet dancers. All the women in my paintings represent me. I also drew a child in one of my paintings to draw attention to the fact that a part of me is still a child.”

“Escape from reality”

Tina Taher held another exhibition before this exhibition. “The name of my exhibition was woman. The exhibition was about women because women are the most attacked and deprived of their rights. I experienced a great sadness, and perhaps the joy in my paintings is a reaction to this sadness or an escape from the reality I live in. Perhaps these paintings are not real but dreams because the reality sometimes hurts you. We always look for hope and think that tomorrow will be better.”