Gazan artist starts project against gender-based violence

Gazan artist Sherine Abdel Karim has launched a project called “Victim” to raise awareness about gender-based violence by making sculptures and paintings.


Gaza-25-year-old Sherine Abdel Karim is a Palestinian architect and artist. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture. Combining her artistic and architectural talents in her art works, she makes sculptures and paints showing the suffering of women.

She has launched a project called, “Victim” to raise awareness about gender-based violence by making sculptures and paints. The aim of the project is to eliminate violence against women.

Her aim is to make women visible

Underlining that her aim is to make violence against Palestinian women visible, she said, “I want to shed light on the pain and suffering of women, gender-based violence, and show that gender-based violence is a social problem, not a personal one.” She tries to show gender-based violence reflected from walls, windows and streets in her artworks. “In fact, I focus on women's feelings rather than the stories in my artworks because the stories of women may be different but their feelings are always the same.”

She tries to overcome the economic crisis

Speaking about the challenges faced by her, she said, “The deteriorating economic conditions and the high prices of raw materials and the lack of some materials in the Gaza Strip are some challenges I have been suffering from. But I try to use alternative materials in my artworks to overcome the economic crisis and siege.”

She participates in local exhibitions

Stating that she has participated in many local exhibitions until now to display her artworks. “I feel happy when the visitors are fascinated by my artworks,” she told NuJINHA. 

Sherine Abdel Karim will participate in a big art exhibition to be held in August to display her artworks and sculptures.