“Arab Book Salon” organized in Algeria

An event called, “Arab Book Salon” has been organized in Algeria with the participation of 81 publishing houses from seven countries.


Algeria- A cultural event called “Arab Book Salon has been organized from October 24 to November 4 at the Palace of Culture Moufdi Zakaria by the Algerian Ministry of Culture and Art with the cooperation of the National Syndicate of Publishers (SNEL). 81 publishing houses, 62 of them are Algerian and 19 of them Arab publishing houses from seven countries including Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates Tunisia, Syria and Saudi Arabia, have been participating in the event.

Algerian writer, poet and journalist Salima Melizi also participated in the event. Spekaing to NuJINHA, she said, “Feminist writing in Algeria has taken a correct approach despite the peculiarity of Algerian society, which is classified as conservative. Recently, we, as women writers, have been able to overcome these obstacles, particularly after the spread of social media platforms. Social media platforms offer opportunities to promote feminist writing and issues.” Indicating that Algerian writers have proved themselves in literature, she said press outlets praise the status and strength of young women writers in Algeria.

Women writers face less obstacles

Speaking about the reason why she writes both in Arabic and French, she said, “The readers of my books are mostly young people, particularly university students studying languages and literature at the Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences.” She also talked about the challenges faced by women writers in Algeria. “In Algeria, women writers face less obstacles compared to previous years.”