Spokesperson of Mala Jin: Our aim is to save women from patriarchy

“Our aim is to save women from patriarchy, slavery and the tribal system,” said Yasmîn Îsa, Spokesperson of Mala Jin (Women’s House) in the El-Teyî neighborhood of Qamishlo.


Qamishlo- Following the revolution that took place in North and East Syria in 2011, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) and Kongra Star, an umbrella organization of women’s organizations in northeastern Syria, established many organizations for women. Mala Jin (English: Women’s House) is one of these organizations. Having branches in all cities of North and East Syria, Mala Jin has also a branch in the El-Teyî neighborhood of Qamishlo.

 ‘We opened the branch after a year of work’

Yasmîn Îsa, Spokesperson of Mala Jin in the neighborhood, told NuJINHA that they had opened the branch of Mala Jin in the neighborhood after working for a year. “After the liberation of the neighborhood, the branch was opened with the support of the AANES and Kongra Star. At the beginning, we faced some challenges because some Arab people did not allow women to participate in the labor force due to the patriarchal mindset in society.”

‘Education changed Arab men’

After opening the branch in the neighborhood, the members of the branch performed home visits. “We told the philosophy of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan to the people. Slowly, the people trust us and allowed women to work with us and participate in activities. Arab men told us, ‘After getting to know your thoughts, philosophy, culture and society, our mentality towards you changed'. Actually, education changed Arab men,” said Yasmîn Îsa.

‘Our aim is to save women from slavery’

The members of Mala Jin work in coordination with the commune in the neighborhood to solve the problems faced by women. “Our aim is to save women from patriarchy, slavery and the tribal system. To save women, we should change the backward traditions and customs,” said Yasmîn Îsa, indicating that Arab women are impressed by their activities. “When they see how we work with a communal spirit, they want to work with us. Now, Arab women are the members of all our committees. They tell us that they have improved themselves thanks to the philosophy of leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan).”

 ‘We will support all women’

Calling on women not to “keep silent, accept slavery,” Yasmîn Îsa said, “They should make great efforts to develop their society. They should defend their lands and country to the end. As Mala Jin, we will do our best to solve all problems faced by women and support all women. Mala Jin is a safe space for Kurdish, Syrian, Armenian, Yazidi and Arab women.”