March in Hasakah to protest Turkish attacks

People marched in NE Syria’s Hasakah city to protest and condemn the ongoing Turkish attacks.

Hasakah - A march was held in the city of Hasakah, northeastern Syria, to protest the ongoing Turkish attacks in the region.

After a minute of silence, hundreds of people began to march. Hasakah Kongra Star Coordination member Lîlav Hisên made a speech after the march. Indicating that June is known as the “month of resistance” by people and women in the region, she said, “The whole world has joined hands with Turkey on how to annihilate the Kurds, to commit a genocide against the Kurds. For this reason, the Turkish state is so aggressive and attempts to occupy our homelands. As the people living in this region, we will defend our region, resist attacks and frustrate plans against our region.

 “Everyone should see that these attacks are against humanity. We can resist attacks if we unite,” said Macid EL Erak, a member of the Êlan Assembly.

The protest ended after people shouted slogans condemning the Turkish attacks.