Iran executes 7 more people including one woman

Iran executed seven more prisoners, including a woman, at Orumiyeh Central Prison on Friday morning, March 17.

News Center- The Iranian authorities executed six men, who were sentenced to death for drug-related offences, at Orumiyeh Central Prison this morning, March 17. According to the received reports, the names of five executed men are: Ashi (Foroher) Abbasnejad, Salim Ayoubian, Jahanbakhsh Radloui, Yasin Rashidi and Hassan Omari.

 A female prisoner named Nasim Niazi was also executed this morning. No information has been received about the charges against her.

  political prisoner named Mohiuddin Ebrahimi was also executed at Orumiyeh Central Prison this morning.

 Last night, the prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement for the execution. Their families gathered in front of the prison to see their relatives for the last time. In addition, hundreds of people gathered in front of the prison demanding the suspension of executions.