Fire of Newroz to be lit on Mount Goyzha in Sulaymaniyah

This year, the fire of Newroz will be lit on Mount Goyzha in Sulaymaniyah on March 20. Then, Newroz will be celebrated on Mama Yala hill.


Sulaymaniyah (Slemani)- Newroz, a symbol of resistance against oppression for the Kurdish people, is celebrated every year on March 21 despite all oppression. People of all ages have already chosen the traditional clothes that they will wear on March 21. In the Sulaymaniyah city of the Kurdistan Region, the fire of 2023 Newroz will be lit on Mouth Goyzha on March 20 and then people will celebrate Newroz on Mama Yala hill.

 Bayan Mohammed, a board member of the Kurdish Culture and Folklore Association, gave us information about the preparations for Newroz in Sulaymaniyah. “I wish a happy Newroz to all Kurds and those who face oppression by invaders. Newroz is the national holiday of the Kurdish people. This year, we will celebrate Newroz with the motto, ‘The fire of Newroz is the symbol of the unity of the Kurdish people’. On March 20, we will light the fire of Newroz on Mount Goyzha and then celebrate Newroz on Mama Yala hill.”

 Life story of Hapsa Khani Naqeb will be told

 As part of Newroz activities, a video telling the life story of Hapsa Khani Naqeb, a Kurdish revolutionary woman fighting for the independence of the Kurdish people in 1891-1953, will be screened. Speaking about the Newroz activities, Bayan Mohammed said, “We have invited many people outside of the city to join the Newroz celebration. A ceremony will be held in the city center to show the unity of the Kurdish people. In addition, we have a magazine named 'Newroz Meşale (English: The Torch of Newroz)’ which consists of eight pages. The 23rd issue of the magazine will be published. All articles will be about Newroz.”

Bayan Mohammed also told us that the activities of Newroz would start on March 20 at 15.00 (local time).