Campaign launched to solve Sanandaj’s water problem

The people of Sanandaj, who have suffered from the lack of drinking water for four years, have launched a campaign to solve this problem.


Sanandaj - The people of Sanandaj have been suffering from bad odor and taste of drinking water for four years. Most people have brought clean drinking water from mountain springs to provide for their families. The people in the city have launched a new campaign to solve their clean drinking water problem.

“The campaign has been carried out by individuals and non-government organizations”

K.F, (She asked us not to use her real name due to several reasons) is one of the persons being carrying out the campaign. She told us that the people in the city have not consumed the drinking water for four-five years due to its bad odor and taste. “Many people suggested the idea of launching a campaign to solve the drinking water problem in the city. About 38 people, who are interested in nature, sports, mountaineering and culture, came together and decided to launch the campaign. We held several meetings in order to determine the aims of the campaign and elected the members of the campaign group. Our group consists of female and male water experts, mostly from different countries. The first aim of the campaign is to push the authorities to build a pipeline directly from Azad Dam to Sanandaj. The other aim of the campaign is to solve the drinking water problem in the city,” K.F. told NuJINHA.

“The campaign aims to prevent natural disasters”

“We have been suffering from the drinking water problem because the Jawe Dam does not run at full capacity. For this reason, the municipality can solve only 25% of the drinking water problem. When the water of the river is discharged, it causes a natural disaster in Sanandaj and Hamedan. The Qeshlaq Dam should be built in order to prevent natural disasters. According to the report prepared by the campaign group, the construction of Azad Dam in September will solve the water problem of Sanandaj.”