Two sisters want to represent their country in rowing

Bissan and Aseel Bakr are two sisters from Gaza. They want to represent Palestine in rowing. They spend a lot of time training for rowing to participate in international races.


Gaza – Two sisters named Bissan and Aseel Bakr are the first girls doing rowing in Gaza to participate in international rowing races that require great physical strength despite limited opportunities in Gaza.

Two sisters are used to doing water sports because their father is a fisher. They learned how to swim and row at a young age. They have already participated in many national and international rowing races. This year, they won two cups in a rowing race organized by the Palestine Sailing and Rowing Federation and the Palestinian Olympic Committee.

She becomes an instructor

18-year-old Bissan Bakr ranked first in the all-female race. She told us how she understood she won the race. “After rowing for a while, I looked around me and saw no boats. That time, I understood I won the race. Shortly after, I saw my sister and then other participants. When we ranked first and second, I saw how my father was proud of us. He couldn’t wait to take the first photo with us.”

Bissan Bakr thinks she succeeds because she works hard. She wants to represent Palestine in the international races. Today, she participates in races and works as a rowing instructor.

They represent their country

14-year-old Aseel Bakr told us how their mother cares about their education life. “Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot go to school now. We are the first girls to do rowing in Gaza. We try to participate in international races to represent our country. But we have difficulties in finding the necessary equipment for our training.”