Soma invites women to do sports to have healthier life

Weight lifter Soma Fazil Abid, who has been interested in sports for about three years and has won many medals, invites women to do sports to have a healthier life.


21-year-old Soma Fazil Abid is a nursing student at the University of Sulaimani. She began to do sports three years ago. Her love for sports led her to achieve great success. She is also a weight lifter and has many medals in weightlifting.

Soma Fazıl Abid complains about the authorities in Halabja not supporting women and youth, “But my family supports me to become a good athlete. I first began to do sports to improve my physical fitness. My sports instructors’ interest led me to love sports more and to achieve good results. Women can be healthier if they do sports. Sports also improve our mental health. I have been doing sports for about three years. All women should do sports to have a healthier life.”