“Women's Will” provides job opportunities for women

A project called “Women’s Will (Vîna Jinan)” carried out in Kobanî provides job opportunities for women, who couldn’t go to school. Kobanî Women's Committee Spokesperson Cemila Faris spoke to NuJINHA about their project.


Kobanî – Kobanî Women's Committee has carried out works to provide job opportunities for women. They have started a project called “Women’s Will (Vîna Jinan)” to provide job opportunities for women, who couldn’t go to school. “Our first aim is to support all women, particularly illiterate women,” said Cemila Faris, the spokesperson of the Kobanî Women's Committee.

Speaking about their project, Cemila Faris said, “There are many unemployed women. We try to support and help them as part of this project. We wanted to expand our project to other cities. However, we couldn’t due to the outbreak of the pandemic and ongoing war. Six women joined our project. We supported them to open a shop. They sell dried eggplant, zucchini, parsley, pepper, jam, and many more products there. We have new projects in 2022.”

“Women are creative”

Expressing that such projects help women a lot, Cemila Faris said, “Old women understand how to dry vegetables and make jams. There are many old women leaving alone. These women work with us to stand on their own legs. Handmade products are different than fabricated products. We don’t know the ingredients of fabricated products. The unknown materials in the fabricated products can cause many diseases. But women use natural methods to dry vegetables, to produce edible olives and make fruit jam.”

Their aim is to provide job opportunities for women

Stating that the project has created a communal spirit, Cemila Faris said, “Our women’s committees have already begun to prepare products for winter in the villages. Women dry vegetables and fruits in the sun. Villagers give us their sun-dried vegetables and fruits when they have more than their need to be sold. Milt is widely cultivated in the villages. The citizens collect them and dry them in the sun. We visit village by village and collect the sun-dried milt and sell them.”

Cemile Faris called on all women, including teachers and workers, to support their project. “We don’t carry out this project to make money. We carry out this project for women so that they can stand on their own legs.”