Women of Qamishlo make crafts to earn their living

Some women of Qamishlo learned how to make handmade crafts from their mothers or grandmothers, some learned by watching online videos. They sell crafts to earn a living.


Qamishlo- Women of North and East Syria began to rebuild their life in all facets of life after the revolution led by women. Since the revolution started on July 19, 2012, they have played an important role in supporting the economic development of the region.

 60-year-old Merdiya Ehmed, who lives in the Hîmo village of Qamishlo, Jazira Canton of North and East Syria, is one of them. Since she was 13, she has made crafts with wool. She learned how to make crafts from her mother. “I asked questions to my mother and the women in our neighborhood to learn how they made the items. Then, I began to make them,” she told us.

 ‘Making crafts items takes me back to the past’

Merdiya Ehmed now makes crafts items for her family members and neighbors. “Whenever I make crafts, I remember the past. Making crafts takes me back to the past. I knit socks, children's clothes, gloves, booties and vests. I love knitting.”

 ‘I learned to make something good for my society’

20-year-old Leyla Merê makes beaded bags. She learned how to make beaded bags by watching online videos. “I learned how to make beaded bags in 15 days. I sell the bags online to stand on my own legs. I learned how to make beaded bags in order to make something good for my society. My page on social media is ‘The artist Leila’ and it is followed by hundreds. I want to open my own shop to sell handmade bags.”

She began as a hobby

23-year-old Neda Mihemed lives in the town of Dêrik and makes candles at home. “I have been making candles at home for seven months. At the beginning, I could not afford to buy the materials used to make candles but then bought them outside of Rojava. My family and husband supported me to start this business. I began to make candles as a hobby but now it is my source of income.”

She wants to expand her business

Neda Mihemed wants to expand her business. “After improving myself, I want to open a shop to sell my candles. Now, I sell them online and I have many followers. All women should believe in themselves. Everything seems difficult in the beginning but when you take a step, it becomes easier. If we work, we will not depend on anyone.”