Women make living from growing black grapes

In Sardasht, women both make a living and contribute to the economy of the region by growing black grapes.


Sardasht- Black grape, which is the most popular summer and autumn fruit due to its many benefits, is also grown in the mountainous areas of Sardasht, a city in Eastern Kurdistan. In the city, farmers grow black grapes without using any hormones or chemical fertilizers. Black grape is also one of the most popular organic products of Iran and Eastern Kurdistan.

In the rural areas of Sardasht, women plant and grow black grapes. After growing black grapes, they cut them and sell grape cuttings in order to make a living and contribute to the economy of the region. The black grape attracts the attention of farmers in other regions due to its high quality.

Black grape is one of the most suitable plants to be planted and grown in the region. In the region, women have a lot of experience in growing black grapes with modern methods and equipment. Farmers prefer to buy grape cuttings from these women.

 Benefits of black grapes

Black grapes are famous for their intense bluish-purple color that makes them look almost black. Black grapes are primarily a source of carbs and provide virtually no fat and protein. They are good sources of vitamins C and A. They are rich in antioxidants. They offer exceptional protection for the heart and brain and help the body fight cancer, viruses, and inflammation.

 In Sardasht, women's cooperatives play an active role in planting, securing, processing and marketing of black grapes. These cooperatives also provide support to women so that they increase their knowledge and skills in agriculture.