Story of Egyptian woman about how she becomes fashion designer

Hind Ismail studied law at university but she decided to become a fashion designer when she could not find clothes she wanted. Now, she shares her experiences with women.


Cairo- Many Egyptian NGOs make efforts to promote women’s economic empowerment. In Egypt’s Alexandria Governorate, women entrepreneurs share their experiences with other women in order to contribute to social change. One of these women entrepreneurs is Hind Ismail, who studied law but now works as a fashion designer. She shares her experiences with women aged between 20 and 30 so that they will achieve their economic independence.

‘I share my experiences with women around me’

Hind Ismail thinks women, who have their economic independence, have a say in society. “I attended several training courses to be a fashion designer. Now, I share my experiences with women around me to encourage them. There are many ways to promote women’s economic empowerment. Learning knows no boundaries. Women can gain new skills and earn a living by developing projects.”

‘Many women learn new skills online’

 “One of these ways is the internet,” she said, “Many women learn new skills online. They attend online courses organized by NGOs.  Some men want women to be dependent financially so that they can control women. In Alexandria, many men do not allow women to work and realize their dreams. They do everything to keep women at home. They want women to stay at home permanently. This mentality must be changed.”

 ‘I work hard to build my own brand’

Hind Ismail has had a drawing skill since her childhood. “I focused on my drawing skill to realize my dream. I developed my skill to enter the world of fashion design by attending courses. I had difficulties finding clothes that I wanted until I began to design my clothes. My designs were liked by everyone. Now, I work hard to build my own brand.”