She plants seeds in her seedbed for 15 years

Hesna Îsa has planted seeds in her seedbed for 15 years. “Not everyone can work in agriculture. This business requires great effort. Everyone should plant trees in their land,” she said.


Qamishlo- Water and agriculture play an essential role in our planet. A life without water and agriculture is impossible. For this reason, planting a tree or flower is seen as a sacred and positive step. The citizens living in North and East Syria plant seeds, trees, vegetables and flowers for the development of agriculture culture in their region. Hesna Îsa, who lives in the Tirbê Spîyê town of Qamishlo, is one of them. She has planted seeds in her seedbed along with her husband and sold them for 15 years.

She has planted seeds for 15 years

“I did not have agricultural land to work on. We had a garden in front of our house and decided to plant seeds in our garden. At the beginning, we planted a limited number of seeds, and when we saw that we were successful, we started planting more. Every year, we plant seeds in our seedbed according to the season. We plant the seeds of fruits and vegetables. Now, we have 200 seedlings in our seedbed,” Hesna Îsa told NuJINHA.

It requires great effort

Indicating that planting seeds requires great effort, love and experiences, Hesna Îsa said, “You should love working in agriculture to prepare a seedbed. You should take care of the seedlings like raising a child. Seedlings need water. You should understand what they need because they have a soul. Not everyone can work in agriculture. When people want to plant a flower, they need red and healthy soil, fertilizers, seeds and pesticides to prevent diseases. Since I have been involved in agriculture for years, I know what seedlings need.”

“Women can do anything”

Underlining that she opposes gender inequality, Hesna Îsa stated that she has the power to do everything on her own. Speaking about the challenges faced by them, she said, “We do not have agricultural land for this reason we cannot expand our business in Qamishlo. However, it does not prevent us from planting seeds. I have the power to plant all kinds of seedlings. I think women can do anything when they want. Women can improve themselves and be successful in every field. Women are the foundation of life. Men cannot do anything without women.”

“Everyone should plant trees and flowers”

Hesna Îsa expects support to expand her business. “The seeds are my life, body and soul. I feel very happy when I see green areas. Our world is beautiful with green areas. Every citizen should plant trees and flowers.”