She aims to turn her designs into global brand

Despite all the challenges, Rozan Al-Khazendar aims to turn her brand “Rozza Designs” into a global brand.


Gaza- Rozza Designs is the first online customized gift shop in Gaza Strip that is owned and managed by women. The passion and love for the designs of Rozan Al-Khazendar, the founder of the Rozza Designs, make her a successful woman in the Gaza Strip.

Rozan Al-Khazendar told us how her career started by saying, “I began to make handicrafts for my family members and friends and I founded my online shop called Rozza Designs in 2014.”

Rozan Al-Khazendar attended a program organized by the “Entrepreneurial Women” in 2017 and she was chosen to travel to the US. A year after her travel to the US, she started a project titled, “Butterflies of Palestine” to support women.

Aiming to expand her business, Rozan Al-Khazendar wants her “Rozza Designs” project to become a global brand. “My aim is to open sales branches all around the world to market my products in many countries,” she said.