People of Til Heman village make brooms from heath

People living in the Til Heman village plant heathers to make brooms from the heath. “We have a communal life in our village,” said Xerma Şihada, one of the villagers.


Hesekê –
Each village is known for its natural products. Til Heman village of Til Temir is known for its brooms from the heath. When you enter the village, you first see beautiful heather plants. The villagers make brooms from heath after collecting heaths. We spoke to Xerma Şihada, one of the villagers, about the village’s brooms made from the heath.

“We make a living by making brooms from heath”

Each village is knowns for its natural products, Xerma Şihada said, “Our village is known for its heather plants. Some of the villages close to our village are known for planting wheat and cotton. We have water and electricity shortage in the village so we plant heathers. We also plant vegetables and fruits in our gardens. We mostly consume vegetables and fruits because they are healthier.”

“Heather plants add beauty to our village”

“We use the heather brooms to sweep the barns, houses, and gardens. The heather plants also add beauty to our village. We plant heathers in the season of planting cotton. In autumn, we collect them. We take out the seeds of the heathers and store them to plant next summer,” Xerma Şihada told us.

We distribute brooms for free

After leaving the heathers in sun for a while, the villagers begin to make heather brooms. “Then we fasten them with a string and leave them in a dry place. We use these brooms until next summer. We don’t sell the brooms to each other. We distribute them for free to support each other,” she said.

The brooms they use to sweep the gardens and houses are different from each other, Xerma Şihada underlined, adding, “Many people ask why we do not buy modern brooms. Only villagers use the brooms made by us. People order thin or thick brooms so we make the brooms according to the orders. Everyone should plant heather plants because they are good for both human health and nature.