New projects developed for women in Qamishlo

New projects allow women to participate in life stronger in Qamishlo. Lilith café and restaurant is one of these projects. The café, run by women, was opened two months ago in the city.


Qamishlo- New projects are developed in North and East Syria, subjected to the invasion attacks of the Turkish state, to make women more visible in all spheres of life. The Lilith café and restaurant opened in Qamishlo two months ago is one of these projects. At the café and restaurant, women cook and sell local dishes.

One of the employees of the café and restaurant, Wehda Kinêhir told NuJINHA that they wanted to expand their business.

It was officially opened two months ago

Speaking about how the Lilith project was started, Wedha Kinêhir said, “We already had experiences in investing. We wanted to turn our experiences into a project to support women. We launched our project with the support of the Peoples’ Assembly and the Women’s Bureau. I worked hard to open the Lilith café and restaurant and officially opened it two months ago. Seven women now work at the restaurant.”

They cook local dishes

Speaking about what kinds of dishes they offer at the restaurant, she said, “Our aim was to offer health and local dishes because we wanted to be different. We cook local dishes such as stuffed meatballs, kalle-pache and dolma. We always keep our kitchen and restaurant clean because it is important for us. We also cook dishes for weddings and special days when we receive orders from our people.”

Turkish attacks affect them

Indicating that their works are affected by the ongoing Turkish attacks, Wedha Kinêhir said, “North and East Syria has been under airstrikes and attacks of the Turkish state since November 19. Our people and our restaurant are affected by these attacks. These attacks must immediately end.”

7 women work at the restaurant

The project aims to support women to gain their economic independence. Seven women currently work at the restaurant. “Our project consists of seven women now. All of them are experienced and experts in cooking. Actually, such projects are very important to support women’s economic empowerment. We work hard to be successful and serve our people.”

‘Women can always be successful’

Emphasizing that they will be successful in running the restaurant, Wedha Kinêhir said, “Women always shoulder the burden of their families and societies. So they can always be successful if they believe in themselves. More projects must be developed for women to increase women’s participation in the labor force and support women’s economic empowerment.”