Ghada Saba: One of our initial aims is to empower women economically

Ghada Saba, the founder of the Saba Hamlet for Gender Equality, says one of their initial aims is to empower Jordanian women economically.


Jordan - Saba Hamlet for Gender Equality is a Jordanian non-profit organization founded in 2015. The aim of the organization is to create a platform of dialogue at the community level to eradicate violence against women, provide multidimensional support to survivors of gender violence and empower women and girls to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Ghada Saba, the founder of the Saba Hamlet for Gender Equality, told NuJINHA that women's economic empowerment will contribute to activating their role in peace and security processes, creating spaces for them in order to express their thoughts and creativity in many fields such as academic and career fields. 

The aim is to empower women

Speaking about the activities of the Saba Hamlet for Gender Equality, Ghada Saba said, “The organization carries out activities to empower women by working coordinately with other non-profit organizations and charities. “شوفة (Shofa)” and “نساء في التاريخ (Women in History)” are two projects started by Saba Hamlet for Gender Equality to combat gender stereotypes.”

“We carry out our activities in partnership with many organizations”

Stating that the Saba Hamlet for Gender Equality carries out activities for women in many cities of Jordan, Ghada Saba said, “The aim is to provide an opportunity for women and girls to start their small projects and express their opinions. We carry out activities in partnership with the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, the Jordanian National Commission for Women, and many other organizations.”

The rate of educated women is high

Drawing attention to the “high” rate of educated women in Jordan, Ghada Saba said, “Despite the projects of women contributing to small and medium enterprises, there are no figures, statistics, and local studies that show their role in the economy and the economic returns in the future.”

“Women should be supported”

Underlining that Jordan is moving slowly in empowering women in the economy, she added, “Women should be supported by the government and NGOs to increase women’s participation in the labor force. Women should be empowered to participate in decision-making positions.”