Agricultural projects of Kongra Star aim to empower women

The Economy Committee of the Kongra Star has launched a new agricultural project to support displaced women.


Shahba - Afrin and Shahba Economy Committee of the Kongra Star has developed projects to promote women’s economic empowerment. The aim of the projects is to provide both financial and spiritual support to displaced women. One of the projects of the Economy Committee is an agricultural project on 25-hectare farmland in Tel Rıfat town of Shahba.

They are determined despite challenges

Heaven Abdo, mother of two, is one of the displaced women working for the project. “I had to leave my children in the Serdem camp to participate in the project. I work here to earn a living for my children. We are determined to work despite all the challenges and obstacles. We are displaced women of Afrin living in Shahba.  We are determined to stay in the camp in Shahba until Afrin is liberated from Turkey and Turkey-backed factions,” said Heaven Abdo, who works the whole day by growing onions and garlic. She told us they were paid well for their labor.

More than 25 women work together

Alifa Suleyma told us that they would plant onions and garlic in 20 days and then harvest onions and garlic.

 Nazlia Abdo is another woman working for the project. She told us that more than 25 women work together despite all challenges of being displaced.

They aim to empower women

 Koli Muhammed, member of the Afrin-Shahba Economy Committee, told NuJINHA that they have developed and carried out such projects in Shahba. “We cannot carry out such projects in Afrin due to the Turkish occupation and the embargo imposed by the Syrian regime. Kongra Star has 25-hectare farmland in the town of Tel Rıfat. We have been carrying out our agricultural project here to empower displaced women living in camps. In addition, we aim to grow agricultural products and vegetables for our people.”