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Rihan Loqo: Kongra Star organizes everywhere Riham Loqo, a coordination member of the Kongra Star in Rojava, states that the works of Kongra Star spread everywhere, “We will continue to work in line with the Democratic Nation Paradigm.”

Rihan Loqo: Kongra Star organizes everywhere

Riham Loqo, a coordination member of the Kongra Star in Rojava, states that the works of Kongra Star spread everywhere, “We will continue to work in line with the Democratic Nation Paradigm.”


Qamishlo – Yekitiya Star changed its name to Kongra Star to be the umbrella organization for all people from all nations in NE Syria after holding its 6th congress on February 25, 2016. Kongra Star organizes itself through 12 committees and it has representation offices in Federal Kurdistan Region, Lebanon, and Europe. Kongra Star is ideologically based on Democratic Confederalism. Riham Loqo, the coordination member of the Kongra Star in Rojava, spoke to NuJINHA about their activities.

Thousands of women take part in works

Yekitiya Star changed its name to Kongra Star after holding its 6th congress in Rimelan, Qamishlo on February 25, 2016. In 2016, Kongra Star had 10 committees. “We have formed communes in villages and neighborhoods to reach all women and families. As Kongra Star, we organize ourselves through communes. We also formed our special assemblies. We have offices across Rojava Kurdistan.  Sovereigns didn’t allow women to take part in the social sphere. Women were told their place was their homes. As Kongra Star, we thought about how we could revive women's history in the Revolution in Rojava. We wanted to leave our mark in the revolution. And we began to take part in every sphere of life. We can say that women have great power in defense units. Thousands of women are members of asayish, self-defense forces, and YPJ. Women of NE Syria become role models with their works.

Training programs change the mindset

Stating that they aim to reach more women through the Education Committee, Rihan Loqo said, “We wanted to fix our society through education. We wanted to reintroduce the science and works of women through education. We wanted to tell the truth about women through education. We told how the free co-life, the democratic family model should be. In addition, the science of women is revived by Jineology. We want to increase the level of women's science through education. Leader Apo used to say 'what is asked from you is education'. For this reason, we wanted to remove the patriarchal mentality that has been imposed on society through education for millennia.  We can build the Democratic Nation among the peoples through the Education Committee. Education Committee spreads the ideology of the Democratic Nation among the peoples. The committee has already reached to many women through the academy, communes, and assemblies.”

They empower women’s economy

Indicating that the Economy Committee aims to empower women’s economy, Rihan Loqo continued to talk as follows: “One of the issues that Kongra Star focusing on is women’s economy. People thought women couldn’t take part in the economy. We formed the Economy Committee to empower women’s economy. When we talk about matriarchal society, agriculture draws our attention. Women used to live in nature with air, rain, and earth. Women are a part of nature. We develop the community economy through cooperatives. Our aim is to spread the sharing culture not to make money. We build an equal society by empowering women's economy. There is no lower or upper class in our system. Since the beginning of the revolution, cooperatives have carried out projects for women. The most important thing is that women develop their own projects and they benefit from them.”

“We introduced the revolution to the world”

Underlining that the Diplomacy Committee has protected the achievements of women gained by the women's revolution, Rihan Loqo said, “It introduces resistance and struggle based on equality. We show the world the women's struggle against violence and domination. The revolution in NE Syria is the revolution of sacrifices and heroism. The Diplomacy Committee has introduced the 10-year-old revolution all around the world. We want to make the revolution permanent through the Diplomacy Committee.”

Natural healing methods

Stating that the Health Committee has developed and organized women in health services, Rihan Loqo said, “We have produced medicines using herbs. In the past, women used to collect herbs to make medicines. After the establishment of the states, chemical drugs began to be used. We want all medicines used by women to be natural to protect them. The committee has held seminars and workshops to give information to women about their health. Women learn how they can protect themselves and their families. Women should protect themselves from all diseases.”

They make nature green

Noting that the Ecology Committee focuses on everything including water, people, nature, soil, and plants, Rihan Loqo said, “The aim of this committee is to build an ecological society. Sovereigns attack nature and don’t allow trees to be planted in NE Syria. The reason we formed the Ecology Committee is to introduce ecology to society. We make nature green. We want to build our country with the spirit of ecology.”

Women organize in press

Pointing out that the Press Committee is the voice of women in NE Syria, Riham Loqo said, “Leader Apo says that the history of women should be written by women. We have shown the truth of women to everyone through the press. Women have shown the women's resistance to everyone by themselves. After the revolution, radio stations, magazines, channels, and news agencies were founded.”

People's culture has been revived

Expressing that the Culture and Art Committee has revived the culture of history, language, clothing, truth, lorin, and dengbêj, Riham Loqo added, “The Culture and Art Committee has enlightened society. There were many tales and stories that were about to disappear. The committee has carried out studies on these tales and stories. Many of these tales and stories have been documented by the committee.”

It finds solutions to problems

Speaking about the Law and Justice Committee, Riham Loqo said, “NE Syria has gone through a historical and sensitive period. Women have been oppressed due to war and special war policies. In 2013, women established principles. Polygamy, child marriage, and bride exchange were banned. We have principles against all forms of violence. The committee has held seminars and meetings to find solutions to problems in society. We protect women by laws and principles.”

Social change has been created

Stating that the Women's House deals with all the problems in society, Riham Loqo said, “The Women's House resolves issues of equality and peace in society. It deals with not only women’s issues but also all problems in society. When there is a problem between the two genders, the members of the Women’s House listen to two parts to find a solution. We want to build democratic families so we have organized seminars and workshops to raise awareness of the public. We think we have created a social change because families don’t force their children into marriage now.”

Stating that the 21st century will be the year of women, Riham Loqo said that Kongra Star is the house of women's science and that women who want can take part in Kongra Star.

“We have organized everywhere”

Reporting that Kongra Star has existed in Shehba, Euphrates, and Cizre regions, Riham Loqo said, “We have dozens of assemblies and offices in these regions. We have also organized in Aleppo and Damascus. We have representation offices in Federal Kurdistan Region, Lebanon, and Europe. Women show great participation in all activates based on   the Democratic Nation system.”

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