Mala Jin becomes symbol of women’s revolution-2

Îlham Omer: When we started, we were three women but now there are thousands of women

Stating that Mala Jin aims to ensure democracy and equality, Cizîre Region Mala Jin Board member Îlham Omer said, “We founded Mala Jinê as three women, now thousands of women work for it.”


Qamishlo-Great developments have been taking place in North and East Syria since the revolution in Rojava was realized. The Kurdish women managed to turn the revolution in Rojava into the women’s revolution. Today, the Kurdish women lead the Democratic Modernity system presented by Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. Mala Jin has been playing an important role in the development of the revolution so that women can protect their own identity. Today, women all around the world are inspired by the women’s revolution in Rojava. NuJINHA spoke to Îlham Omer, one of the founders of Mala Jin.

“There was a great need for the establishment of Mala Jin”

Stating that Mala Jin was established in 2011, Îlham Omer said, “The revolution was realized in Rojava Kurdistan and we carried out activities for both the revolution and society. There was a great need for the establishment of Mala Jin in society. Mala Jin was first established in Qamishlo because there were opportunities in the city to establish it. There were conflicts and clashes across Syria and people flocked to our region because it was a safe place for them. We felt the need to create a space for women.”

“We have 62 branches in northeastern Syria”

Indicating that Mala Jin has 62 branches in northeastern Syria, she said, “After opening Mala Jin in Qamishlo, we opened its branches across Rojava Kurdistan. After the liberation of Manbij, Tabka, Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor from ISIS, we opened branches in these cities. Two branches of Mala Jin were opened for Syriac women under the name of “Eşterot”. We have a branch in a refugee camp for women refugees in camps.”

“We have committees”

Underlining that Mala Jin has its own charter and program, she said, “We carry out our activities through our committees; Peace Committee, Education Committee, Justice Committee and Press Committee. The Court of Justice was founded in 2011 and our Peace Committee works coordinately with the Court of Justice. We can say that the people trust Mala Jin after they get to know more about Mala Jin. Today, even men apply to Mala Jin when they face problems. They seek solutions for their problems by applying to Mala Jin.”

“Mala Jin is a role model for the whole world”

Stating that the Women’s Justice Council was established in 2016, she said, “After the establishment of the council, it started raising awareness all around the world. Thousands of people all around the world have visited our region to learn more about our system.  The women of the Peace Committee, Women’s Justice Council and Mala Jin often come together to discuss and find solutions to the problems faced by women in the region. Mala Jin is a role model for the whole world now.”

“There is equality and justice in Mala Jin”

Emphasizing that they do their best to find solutions to the problems faced by women, Îlham Omer said, “Mala Jin works to solve the problems faced by women, children, men and families. We carry out awareness-raising activities for both women and men because there is equality and justice in Mala Jin.”

“Mothers work for Mala Jin”

Speaking about why all members and employees of the Mala Jin are mothers, she said, “In the Middle East, old people are always respected. Mothers work for Mala Jin so that the society sees Mala Jin as an important and respected organization. When we have new members, the mothers carry out activities to educate the new members. Mothers have more experiences and they find solutions to the social problems with their experiences. Our people listen to old people with respect. But old people should be open to changes. In time, we adapt to changes. After the women's law was enacted in 2014, we learned very well how to approach women's problems. The women’s law defends gender equality.”

“We saved 56 women in 2021”

Speaking about the smear campaigns against Mala Jin, Îlham Omer said, “We faced a smear campaign trying to show Mala Jin as a divorce house. Our response to such smear campaigns is that Mala Jin is a training center for both women and men. As Mala Jin, we have been subjected to many threats and rumors, but we have resisted all these challenges. In 2021, we saved 56 women from committing suicide and being killed. As the women's movement, we have a principle; wherever we go, we set up and run our own system. All cases brought to Mala Jin end with the consent of both parties. Our aim is not only to heal wounds but also to raise awareness of the public.”

“Mala Jin was awarded in France”

Recalling that Mala Jin was awarded in France, Îlham Omer said, “Women have taken great steps in Rojava Kurdistan because they were mothers, sisters, wives and friends. Women have led the revolution in Rojava and achieved great gains. Mala Jin was awarded in France and this shows how we are successful. Women from different countries came to our region, they were impressed when they learned our system. We were told that they want to build this system in their countries.”

They fight child marriage and polygamy

“We have found solutions to many problems,” Îlham Omer said, “However, the rate of child marriage and polygamy has been increasing. We have carried out awareness-raising activities to end child marriage and polygamy.” 

“Thousands of women work for Mala Jin”

Stating that many developments have taken place after the revolution in Rojava, she said, “One of these developments is the establishment of Mala Jin. Many journalists, researchers and politicians visit Mala Jin and they are impressed by the works of Mala Jin. We founded Mala Jinê as three women, now thousands of women work for it. After the Deir ez-Zor region was liberated from ISIS, Arab women flocked to Mala Jin and asked us to find solutions to their problems.”

“Mala Jin is a space for women”

Calling on women to visit Mala Jin to find solutions to the problems faced by them, Îlham Omer said, “Mala Jin is a space for women to find solutions to the problems faced by them. We call on all women living in Rojava to take steps to liberate themselves and to liberate society without fear. We work coordinately with Kongra Star and mothers of all women.”

Tomorrow: “Women are the basis of justice”