Turkey’s war method: Setting fields on fire in Til Temir

Ronaz Yûnis, Co-mayor of Til Temir Municipality, talked about the field fires and said that the fires are a part of Turkey’s dirty plans. She said they have already taken some measures against fires.


Hasakah- The Turkish state, which has been carrying out attacks on North and East Syria and wants to destroy the Democratic Nation Project, has started a new campaign against the economy of the region in recent years. Turkey and Turkish-backed factions have been setting fire to field crops as a war strategy. These attacks deteriorate the economy in the region and prevent local people from meeting their basic needs.

Til Temir town and its rural areas are among the regions suffering from field fires started by Turkey and Turkish-backed factions. This year, farmers planted 72,535 acres of wheat and 2,713 acres of barley in the town; however, 75,248 acres of fields were burned, according to the town’s Agricultural Authority. We spoke to Ronaz Yûnis, Co-mayor of Til Temir Municipality, about ongoing field fires in the town.

Teams are ready

Stating that they have already taken measures since the harvest season for wheat and barley is approaching, Ronaz Yûnis said, “This year, farmers worked hard to plant wheat and barley. We have a great responsibility to help farmers to harvest. For this reason, the Extraordinary Committee was formed to protect the existing harvest.  This committee consists of the members of the Internal Security Forces, including HPC, HPC-Jin, Agricultural Authority, the Town City Council, and the Municipality. Our duty is not to allow the fields to be set on fire. The members of the Internal Security Forces, HPC, and HPC-Jin are in charge of putting the fire out while the Agricultural Authority determines the irrigated wheat and barley areas. The team of the municipality will always be ready to provide firefighting service.”

“Everyone should protect their fields”

Underlining that Turkey attacks the region by using all methods, Ronaz Yûnis said, “The Turkish state has been attacking our region by using many ways and methods. Its sleeper cells set the fields on fire. That's why the people should be awake and their eyes should be open to protect their fields. The co-chairs of the communes will hold a meeting soon to discuss what they can do to support the people. Everyone should feel responsible and protect their fields. Our efforts are not enough, so we must work together to protect our region.”

“We should stand against the attacks together”

Speaking about the negative effects of the water cut of the Habur River, Ronaz Yûnis said, “We do our best to help people. If the water of the Habur River wasn’t cut off, it would play an important role in extinguishing field fires. But we have to use water in water wells. The Turkey state wages a war against us by cutting off the water of the Habur River. The farmers should help us in protecting their fields. We should stand against the attacks together. We can extinguish the field fires together.”