“Turkey aims to leave people without water as a method of warfare”

Stating that Turkey aims to leave people without water as a method of warfare by cutting off the water of the Euphrates River, Rewşen Hacim said that the international community should see the ongoing rights violation in NE Syria.


Kobanê- On July 17, 1987, an agreement on the division of water of the Euphrates River was signed by Turkey and Syria. Although the United Nations states that Syria's share is 500 cubic meters of water per second, the Turkish state has reduced Syria's share of the Euphrates River water since January 27, 2021. Turkey has been violating this agreement and using the river water as a weapon against the people of North and East Syria. Due to these practices of Turkey, the people suffer from many difficulties in agriculture, health and energy sectors. Rewşen Hacim, Co-chair of the Justice Council of North and East Syria Region, spoke to NuJINHA about the agreement signed between Turkey and Syria.

“Syria's share in the Euphrates water is certain”

Drawing attention to the agreement signed between Syria and Turkey, she said, “The agreement was signed in 1987. According to the agreement, 500 cubic meters of water per second should flow into Syria. This agreement has been approved by the United Nations. Therefore, this is an official agreement and the Turkish state has no choice but to act according to this agreement.”

“The cut off the water of the Euphrates River is a political attack”

Speaking about the aim of the Turkish state in cutting off the water of Euphrates River, she said, “At every opportunity, the Turkish state continues to use the Syrian crisis. On the one hand, it has carried out military attacks, on the other hand, it has implemented different war policies in Syria. Cutting off the water of the Euphrates River is one of the methods of warfare being used by the Turkish state. Currently, three million people do not have access to water, and this affects agriculture, animal husbandry and energy sectors.”

“War crimes go unpunished”

Stating that the Turkish state has crossed the borders, and violated all agreements and the international law, Rewşen Hacim said, “It has been said many times that the Turkish state should be punished for its war crimes, but no step has been taken until now. The war crimes committed by the Turkish state go unpunished and unfortunately, human rights organizations and the international community continue to remain silent against the war crimes of the Turkish state.”