Environmental campaign in Kobanê

Women and children in Kobanê plant trees as part of the “Be Environmentally Friendly” campaign launched by the Environmental Organization of Euphrates Region in North and East Syria.


Kobanê- The Environmental Organization of Euphrates Region in North and East Syria launched an awareness-raising campaign called “Be Environmentally Friendly” in January 2024 to build an eco-friendly society. As part of the campaign, the organization has held forums, seminars and meetings since January. The purpose of the campaign is to plant 500 trees in the Euphrates Region.

“We launched the campaign to have more green spaces and promote an environmental culture in society,” said Almaz Rumi, member of the organization. “When Kobanê was liberated from ISIS in 2014, the infrastructure of the city was destroyed and it affected the environment and nature. Our organization aims to promote an environmental culture and increase green spaces in the city. To achieve its purposes, the organization works in coordination with the information bureau, NGOs and the organizations of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.”

They started working at schools

The organization also works in coordination with the Educational Institution and school administrations to raise awareness because “Children are our future and we should first raise awareness among children. To raise an eco-friendly generation, we started working at schools and we planted trees with children. Planting trees is important to increase green spaces and because trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis.”

‘We can strengthen our ties with leader Öcalan’

In her speech, Almaz Rumi pointed to the sensitivity of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan to ecology. “In his books, leader Öcalan tells us how we should protect the environment. We can strengthen our ties with leader Öcalan by protecting the environment. We plant trees every year on April 4 to celebrate leader Öcalan’s birthday. Our aim is to maintain this campaign until April 4.”

As part of the campaign, trees will be planted in public spaces, forests, schools, gardens, villages, and districts of Kobanê. In addition, the organization will distribute flower seeds with the support of communes. Our aim in planting flowers and trees is to instill love of nature in every child and woman. Women have a closer relationship with land, nature and the environment. We should teach our children to respect land, nature and the environment. Protection of nature means the protection of health. Everyone should protect nature to build a healthy society. I call on everyone, especially women, to participate in our campaign so that we can beautify our city.”