Drought fueled by climate change may last years

Stating that the drought caused by climate change, the lack of a good water management system and the damage to nature may last for years, Şagûl Ebûbekir calls for an urgent solution.


Sulaymaniyah – Drought and sandstorms in the Kurdistan Region have a negative impact on both nature and the lives of citizens. While the lack of water resources and the low rainfall affect agriculture, the drought has been affecting both the region and the whole world. But the current government and authorities have so far not developed a good system to ensure that the drought does not occur and the necessary water is supplied annually.

“Sandstorms affect the crop production”

Speaking about the recent sandstorms in the region, Şagûl Ebûbekir, a member of the Agricultural Network, said, “Human activities cause sandstorms and damage nature. Sandstorms affect agriculture and crop production. Drought is directly or indirectly linked to sandstorms.”

Call for urgent solution

Emphasizing that the cause of climate change should be identified and an urgent solution should be found, Şagûl Ebubekir said, “Reduced human activities can improve the situation. If serious efforts are not made in the next 10 or 15 years, we will fail to protect our planet. According to the UNCCD, WHO and FAW, there will be no agricultural land until 2030 and 2060. We launched a campaign on March 21 to raise awareness about nature against climate change. Our campaign has continued for 100 days.”