Climate change affects women's economy in Egypt

Climate change is one of the most prominent crises affecting the financial conditions of women in the recent period.


Cairo -Agriculture and women farmers are the most affected by climate change.

Egyptian educational psychology professor Fatima Mansour said that climate change has affected the whole world, but particularly women’s economy. Expressing that women generally shoulder the costs of climatic, economic and political crises, she stated that women are seen as the weak link in the chain of labor force and that women are fired first.

Lack of micro projects

Adding that raising the prices of goods affects women and that women farmers are the most affected, she said that the lack of micro projects also causes women to suffer from the consequences of climate change.

Increase in domestic violence

Sahar Mansour, member of the Egyptian Women Pioneers of the Future, stated that the rate of domestic violence has been increasing and that climate change is one of the main reasons for this increase. “Many families force their daughters into marriage due to lack of income and poverty. Unemployment is also one of the reasons. Many women have become unemployed after the closure of factories due to climate change.”