• ADWAR provides economic, social, political support to Palestinian women 

    Roles for Social Change Association (ADWAR) has developed projects to provide economic, social, and political support for women since its foundation. The association will develop many projects for women in 2022.

  • Women prefer village life to city life 

    Women living in the village of Girkê Selma think that village life is more natural and better than city life. “We prefer village life to city life,” they say.

  • Domestic violence causes deaths of children in Syria 

    Violence against children and domestic violence are on the rise in northern Syria. The main reasons for this increase are poverty and unemployment.

  • Women municipal police in Manbij 

    Even though women municipal police of the People's Municipality of Manbij are criticized by society claiming that “this job is a men’s job”, they keep working for the people. While the problems faced by women have been decreasing in the city with the efforts of women municipal police, the number of women municipal police is planned to be increased.

  • They take shelter in destroyed school with their animals 

    Zehra Mihemed Elo has been trying to hold on to life in a school destroyed during attacks on the Til Nesri village of Til Temir with her four children. She told us they had to live in the destroyed school, “We want to return to our village.”

  • Syrian Free Women's Foundation keeps working for 7 years 

    Syrian Free Women's Foundation has taken important steps for women in every part of life, from health to economy, since its foundation. Ruken Xiso, the director of the foundation, said that they will develop more projects in 2022 to provide both moral and material support for women.

  • People die during migration journeys with hope for better life 

    In the Federal Kurdistan Region, the number of people seeking to live elsewhere has been increasing due to the worsening of living conditions. Many people have lost their lives during migration journeys with the hope for a better life.

  • Children of Idlib deprived of education 

    Women and children are the most affected by wars and conflicts. 3.2 million Syrian children are out of school without any opportunity to access learning and another 1.3 million are at risk of dropping out of school due to the ongoing war in Syria. While Idlib is one of the cities, where more children are deprived of education, the children of Idlib want to go to school.

  • Sara Organization to keep fighting violence against women in 2022 

    Sara Organization is a women’s organization fighting violence against women in the Euphrates Region, NE Syria. Qudret Osman, a member of the organization, spoke to NuJINHA about their projects and work in 2022. “We will hold workshops to provide psychological support to women. We will realize our current projects and develop more projects for women and children,” she told us.

  • Libyan girls develop their production skills at Robotics Workshop 

    Girls aged 12-19 joining a Robotics Workshop held in Libya formed a team called “Super Team” to spread the culture of the artificial intelligence culture and develop robot technology in their country.

  • 300 days, four seasons: Resistance of Emine Şenyaşar 

    The sit-in protest of Emine Şenyaşar, whose husband and two sons were killed, has entered its 300th day. For 300 days, Emine Şenyaşar has held a sit-in protest demanding justice for her killed relatives in front of the Urfa Courthouse. Emine Şenyaşar was beaten, detained, hospitalized, and faced 12 investigations in 300 days.

  • Alarming rise in divorce rates in Algeria 

    Increasing unilateral divorce rates in Algeria is alarming. Financial problems are the most significant factors that lead to divorce and divorces affect children the most.

  • Yazidi Women’s Solidarity Network to work for abducted women in 2022 

    Yazidi Women’s Solidarity Network was officially founded three years ago to help and save Yazidi women and children having being abducted by ISIS. In 2021, the network rescued five people, including four women, who were held captive by ISIS. Feride Şengalli, an executive member of the network, spoke to NuJINHA about their projects for women, children, and nature in 2021 and 2022.

  • Zenûbiya calls on women to come together under same umbrella 

    Zenûbiya Women's Community has carried out many activities, actions, and works such as activating committees and coordination, holding meetings for women, enacting laws prohibiting child marriage, and empowering women’s economy. The community’s spokesperson and executives call on women to come together under the same umbrella.

  • TAJÊ to carry out more works for women, children in 2022 

    The Yazidi Free Women's Movement (TAJÊ) carried out many works for women and children in 2021. “We will carry out more works to prevent child marriage, femicide, and gender-based violence in 2022,” said Sebiha Sebri, Spokesperson of the TAJÊ.

  • Peace Committee guarantees women's rights in Deir ez-Zor 

    The Peace Committees of the Zenobia Women’s Community guarantee women's rights while working to find solutions to the problems faced by women and society.

  • Conference called “Towards a Successful Kurdish-Arab Dialogue” held in Baghdad 

    A conference called “Towards a Successful Kurdish-Arab Dialogue” was held in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. Journalist and Jineologist Necibe Qeredaxi emphasized the importance of women’s unity against patriarchal mentality.

  • Sara Women’s Organization to open new branches in 2022 

    Sara Women’s Organization, which carried out many actions, events, campaigns, protests, and followed many violence trials to combat gender-based violence in 2021, will open new branches in 2022.

  • Remziye Mihemed: Women's successes in 2021 make positive changes 

    Remziye Mihemed, Spokesperson of Kongra Star, evaluates their works in 2021 and points out that the successes of women make positive changes in the region.

  • Egyptian women receive legal, psychological support 

    Eman Mohamed, a sociologist and a member of the Center for Egyptian Women's Legal Assistance Foundation (CEWLA), says that women cannot tell anyone about the violence, harassment, and rape they experienced due to social pressure, “We provide legal and psychological support to them.”