Zenûbiya Women's Community focuses on education

The main aim of the Zenûbiya Women's Community is to provide education for the whole society, particularly for women. It holds education courses based on women's liberation and the democratic nation project.


Manbij- Zenûbiya Women's Community has carried out many activities to educate women and empower women’s struggle in North and East Syria. It holds education courses based on women’s liberation and the democratic nation project and aims to reach all women in the region.

Rabaa Bekro, Spokesperson of Zenûbiya Women's Community branch in Manbij, says the door of the community is open to women from all nations and religions. “Zenûbiya Women's Community is a space for all women. When a new member joins our community, she first receives education because education and self-development is a must for our community. Uneducated people cannot fulfill their responsibilities and serve their society. Education develops women intellectually and culturally. The members of our community receive ideological education in our academies.”

 Education courses are held on the basis of Abdullah Öcalan's paradigm and ideology

Underlining that they benefited from the thoughts and ideology of Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan in forming their education system, Rabaa Bekro said that they focus on women’s self-improvement, social problems and the solutions of these problems. “Women receive education on how they develop their personalities. Our education courses support women to reveal their skills and abilities in every sphere of life.  The distribution of roles of the members is determined according to their personalities and abilities.”

They educate their society after receiving education courses

Fatma Beko, member of the Education Committee of the Zenûbiya Women's Community, pointed to the importance of education and said, “For the Zenûbiya Women's Community, education is like the backbone in our body. The community is a school for women to work for other organizations and institutions. The community has many women members. In the beginning, these women did not know anything about the Democratic Nation Project. Now, they teach this project to other women in our academies. Women's liberation, Democratic Nation Project, Autonomous Administration, co-presidential system are the projects of leader Abdullah Öcalan. For this reason, we benefit from his thoughts and ideology while forming our personality. People should first educate themselves so that they can educate other people. The members of the Zenûbiya Women's Community receive weekly education courses. Mala Jin (Women's House) branches provide weekly education courses for the members of its committees in rural areas. In addition, the members of Women’s Economy and Mala Jin attend our weekly education courses.”