Women of Gozeliyê village: “The international community should take action to stop Turkish attacks”

Helîma Ewad, one of the women living in Tall Tamr’s Gozeliyê village, reacted to the ongoing Turkish attacks on their village and called on the international community to take action in order to stop the attacks.


Hasakah- People of all ages resist the ongoing Turkish attacks in North and East Syria. The people living in the village of Gozeliyê, west of Hasakah’s Tall Tamr town, have been living under the Turkish attacks for two years and eight months. Despite the ongoing attacks, the people are determined not to leave their village. The villagers stated that they make bread in tandoors because they cannot go to buy bread from the bakery in Tall Tamr due to the attacks. They meet their vegetable needs from their gardens. All villages demand the end of the attacks.

“Artillery fires start whenever we move”

Helîma Ewad is one of the women living in the village. She reacted to the ongoing attacks on their village and said, “Where can we go? Whenever my children and I move, they fire cannons and howitzers at us. We do not know what we should do to get rid of these invaders. The invaders destroy our village and lives. Nowhere is safe for us now. Artillery fires start whenever we move.”

“Children's future is at stake”

Stating that artillery fires sometimes start when they have dinner. “Everyone wants to have a normal life, not live under artillery fires. Sometimes, artillery fires start when we have dinner or breakfast. Children’s future is at stake now because they cannot go to school due to the non-stop artillery fires. The school is in Tall Tamr and we are afraid of sending our children there,” Helîma Ewad told us.

She protects her disabled daughter when artillery fires start

Helîma Ewad criticized the international NGOs and said, “Until now, no international organization has come here to determine the damage in the village, how many houses have been destroyed in the attacks. I have a disabled daughter; she cannot walk. Whenever the artillery fires start, I have to carry her to a safe place. Are not we human beings? Do not we have the right to live in peace?”

“We struggle both attacks and diseases”

Underlining that they struggle both attacks and diseases, Helîma Ewad said, “In addition to the artillery fires, all of us struggle many diseases. The house of our neighbor was destroyed in an artillery fire and she cannot rebuild her house because she is sick. We do not know what we should do now. I call on the international community and NGOs to take immediate actions in order to stop the attacks on our village.”