‘Women are more successful than men in North and East Syria’

North and East Syrian Dêrik People’s Municipality Co-mayor Bêrivan Hisên says the number of women working for the municipality has increased since the revolution in Rojava, adding, “Women municipal workers are more successful than men.


Qamishlo- Since the revolution in Rojava, the number of women working for municipalities has been increasing. The women’s department of the People’s Municipality in Dêrik, also known as al-Malikiyah, develops many projects for women’s economic empowerment. As part of these projects, they have opened a restaurant, nursery, greenhouses, and free computer courses.

NuJINHA spoke to Dêrik People’s Municipality Co-mayor Bêrivan Hisên about their projects and the role of women in providing municipal services.

‘Women take more progressive steps than men’

Underlining that the People’s Municipality aims to develop more projects for women, Bêrîvan Hisên said, “The People’s Municipality is responsible for providing services to people. Therefore, our main duty is to serve our people. We develop projects for women so that women do not become unemployed and play their leading roles in society. Before the revolution, almost all municipal workers were men. But the number of women municipal workers has increased since the revolution. Today, we see that women take more progressive steps than men do in all spheres of life.”

Women play important roles in projects

Speaking about the municipality’s projects for women, Bêrîvan Hisên said, “The Dêrik Municipality previously carried out four important projects. One of these projects was to hold free computer courses for women and young people. The other project was to open a restaurant. We opened a restaurant named ‘Çarçêla restaurant’. Only women work for the restaurant now. The restaurant offers only traditional dishes. Most restaurants in the city offer only fast food and employ only men.  Now, seven women run the Çarçêla restaurant.”

Projects for children

Bêrîvan Hisên also talked about the projects for children carried out by the municipality. “We also have projects for children between the ages of four months and four years. As part of a project, we opened a nursery named ‘Kulîlkên Rojava’ in the city. By opening the nursery, we also provide employment for women. This nursery lessens the burden on working mothers. The nursery has four teachers and two administrators. We plan to open nurseries in villages,” Bêrîvan Hisên told NuJINHA.

Projects for environment protection

The municipality has also developed projects for environment protection. Speaking about these projects, Bêrîvan Hisên said, “We have developed a project to plant seeds and a greenhouse project. In addition, we clean the city twice a week. Every month, all women working for the municipality have a meeting to discuss new projects.”

Program for the International Women’s Da

The municipality also has a program for the International Women’s Day. Giving information about the program, Bêrîvan Hisên said, “We will not hold celebrations on March 8 due to the earthquakes that struck Kurdistan, Syria and Turkey on February 6. We will visit old mothers and plant trees in their garden. We will also hold seminars on the co-presidential system.”