Tent schools in Shahba for children affected by earthquake

The earthquakes that struck Turkey, Kurdistan and Syria, have seriously damaged many schools in Shahba. The Afrin-Shahba Education Committee has set up 57 tent schools for elementary, secondary and high school students.


Shahba- The earthquakes that occurred in the Maraş city of Northern Kurdistan also caused damage in the cities of North and East Syria. In the region under the control of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, the earthquakes killed six people and damaged many houses and buildings. The earthquakes have displaced 3,000 families, about 15,000 people, from Aleppo to Shahba Canton, where many buildings and schools have been damaged by the earthquakes.

Afrin-Shahba Education Committee has set up 33 tents in the town of Ehdas and 20 tents in the village of Til Qireh so that students can continue their education. The committee has also set up four tents for the students of Viyan Amara High School.

Damaged schools will be pulled down

Şervin Elo, member of the Afrin-Shahba Education Committee, told NuJINHA that they set up tent schools so that students could continue their education. “The earthquakes have killed people and damaged many buildings. Shahba is also affected by the earthquakes. Many schools have been damaged by the earthquakes. The damaged schools will be pulled down. The students could not go to school for a while. Therefore, we decided to set up tents to be used as schools for the students,” Şervin Elo said.

Mother tongue education continues

In an interview with NuJINHA, Leyla Musa, a tenth grade student in the town of Ehlas, said, “I could not go to school for a while after the earthquakes. Now, I continue my education because the Education Committee has set up tents for us. However, inside the tents is very hot due to the rising temperatures. We thank our teachers for their efforts despite the limited opportunities. Despite all the difficulties and obstacles, we continue our education in our mother tongue.”