Residents of Taiz suffer from power outages for 9 years

The ongoing Yemeni civil war that began in 2014 has exacerbated the suffering of people in Yemen. The residents of Yemen’s Taiz city have been suffering from long-lasting power outages for nine years.


 Yemen- Since the war between the internationally recognized Yemeni government forces and the Ansar Allah Houthi group began in 2014, the people of Taiz, a city in southwestern Yemen, have been suffering from long-lasting power outages. Despite the protests and campaigns, the problem of power outages remains unsolved. Some Yemenis use diesel fuel generators to produce electricity; however, they are too costly for many people.

‘We have been suffering from power outages since 2014’

“We have been suffering from power outages since 2014,” said 63-year-old Nura Abdo Muhammad, a resident of Taiz. “I have to keep my medications in the refrigerator to preserve them. However, I cannot preserve them due to ongoing power outages. Therefore, we have to buy ice daily in summer.”

 Warda Qader Al-Asbahi told NuJINHA that power outages negatively affected their lives. “The long-lasting power outages have exacerbated the suffering of people, who have kidney failure and babies staying in incubators. Private generators are not a good alternative because they are too costly.”

‘Patients suffer more’

According to Mueen Al-Obaidi, a lawyer in Taiz, many people in Taiz have begun to buy solar energy equipment to produce their own electricity.

“The long-lasting power outages particularly affect hospitals, clinics and stores where materials need to be kept cool. Patients suffer more from the ongoing power outages. The devices for people having kidney failure and with diabetes need constant electrical current to remain operational. The power outages force them to use diesel fuel generators or solar energy.”

‘The government should find a solution’

Mueen Al-Obaidi called on the authorities to find a solution to the ongoing power outages. “The government should find a solution to end the power outages.”