Remziye Mihemed: Women's successes in 2021 make positive changes

Remziye Mihemed, Spokesperson of Kongra Star, evaluates their works in 2021 and points out that the successes of women make positive changes in the region.


Qamishlo – Remziye Mihemed, Spokesperson of Kongra Star, spoke to our news agency about the development of women in political, social, and economic areas and their works in 2021.

Recalling that the Kongra Star held its 8th congress with the motto, “We Will Destroy the Occupation with the Struggles of women such as Hevrin and Zehra”, Remziye Mihemed said, “After the congress, we started our annual works and determined our programs. In 2021, we came across many issues and events that brought positive changes with both the political developments and the achievements of women. Our diplomacy committee made important progress at an international level. We opened an office in Europe.”

“We become a role model for the world”

Underlining that the leading women of the Kongra Star were targeted in the operations on the region, Remziye Mihemed said, “They aimed to cause conflict among the people of the region by targeting Arab women. However, the people of the region failed their aim. We continue to work with women all around the world. The members of the Kongra Star play an important role in this regard. We have an important role in building Kurdish national unity. We met with organizations and political parties and our members joined the solidarity works in Europe. We also carried out activities for self-defense in order to be able to respond to the enemy. We became more successful every day. Thus, we become a role model for the world.”

“We implemented decisions made at the congress”

Remziye Mihemed talked about the organizational success of women in 2021 and stated that they organized seminars and training. Emphasizing that the education programs at the academies continue, Remziye Mihemed said, “We provided training to four women groups. Women mostly face problems due to their lack of economic freedom. For this reason, we provided job opportunities for them. Our economy committee carried out comprehensive projects to found cooperatives and to develop the existing projects. The committee carried out works particularly in the fields of agriculture and animal husbandry. We implemented all decisions made at the congress. At the congress, we decided to found the health and ecology committees and we founded them. Our health committee visited villages to provide health services to the villagers. A delegation from Catalonia visited us and shared their experience with us.”

Call on women to unite

Remziye Mihemed also talked about their works in refugee camps. “We helped women living in the refugee camps in Shehba and Serêkaniyê to eliminate violence against women. Our committees held a meeting to discuss their annual activities. We launched campaigns against gender-based violence last year and these campaigns continue this year. Our campaign, which we launched with the motto, ‘No to violence, occupation, we will protect women and life’, still continues. We held a mass protest on March 8, International Women's Day. Our campaign with the motto, ‘It’s time for freedom’ also continues. We call on women in the Middle East and all around the world to unite,” she said.

Kongra Star’s plans for 2022

Speaking about their plans for 2022, Remziye Mihemed said, “In 2022, we will start working after determining our deficiencies to eliminate them. We will organize training programs for women to improve themselves in science. We will develop projects for women's economic empowerment.”