‘No to drugs’ campaign launched in Kobanê continues

The Youth and Sports Committee of Kobanê Canton have carried out many awareness-raising activities for young people as part of the “No to drugs” campaign launched in the canton on May 11.


 Kobanê- “No to drugs” campaign was launched in Kobanê Canton by the Youth and Sports Committee of Kobanê Canton with the cooperation of the Health Committee on May 11. As part of the campaign, many awareness-raising activities and seminars have been held for young people in the canton.

At the seminars, young people learn the harms of drugs and its physical and mental health consequences. We spoke to Hoşmîn Şemsî, member of the Youth and Sports Committee of Kobanê about the campaign, which will continue until May 31.

  ‘We will keep working until we achieve our goals’

In the interview with NuJINHA, Hoşmîn Şemsî emphasized that the Turkish state tries to break the strong will of the people of Kobanê, who have waged a great resistance against the Turkish occupation, by distributing drugs in the city.

“As the Youth and Sports Committee of Kobanê Canton, we have organized seminars and activities and distributed leaflets at schools, institutes and universities to raise awareness against the use of drugs by working coordinately with the Health Committee. We believe that all young people must be protected, aware of the risks of using drugs. We must raise awareness of the public so that we can protect young people against the risks of using drugs.”

 ‘Young people are especially targeted’

Another member of the Youth and Sports Committee of Kobanê Canton, Silava Nassan said, “The Turkish state has carried out special policies to target young people because young people are the future of every society. The Turkish state targets especially the people of Kobanê because it knows that the resistance of the people in Kobanê is a role model for the whole world. The Turkish state aims to destroy our society and the philosophy of Abdullah Öcalan. But the Turkish state will fail.”

Calling on the young people, Silava Nassan said, “As young people, particularly young women, we should take part in all facets of life with our strong will. We should resist until we build a free and democratic life.”