Nigar Raşid: The Kurdistan Region has no system protecting women

Speaking about the increase in femicide cases and suspicious women's deaths in the Kurdistan Region, Nigar Raşid criticized the lack of women’s shelters and said that the Kurdistan Region has no system protecting women.


Garmiyan- While the number of femicide cases and suspicious women’s deaths is rising in the Kurdistan Region, activists think the legal gaps, crises and the lack of education system are the main reasons for this increase. The Ministry of Education of the Kurdistan Region has issued a ban on reporting femicide cases, suicides of women; however, this ban could not stop the increase in in the cases. Currently, women are killed and the suspicious deaths of women are recorded as suicide in the region and this situation is hidden from the public.

Femicide cases and suspicious women’s deaths increase

According to received reports from the region, two young women died under suspicious circumstances in the city of Kalar; 16 year-old Raz Mehemed was killed by her brother on June 24; the suspicious death of 16-year-old Saye Mustafa has been recorded as suicide. Nigar Raşid, a teacher and women’s rights activist, spoke to NuJINHA about the increase in femicide cases and suspicious women’s deaths in the region.

“The system blocks women”

Criticizing the lack of a system that protects women, Nigar Reşid believes that femicide cases are increasing in the region due to the lack of a proper and active system focusing on women’s issues. ““The courts, organizations and shelters that should be active in finding solutions for the problems faced by women are unfortunately not active. They do not take serious steps to eliminate femicide and suspicious women’s deaths. The current system blocks women from reporting violence against them.”

“Families are responsible”

Speaking about the situation of women living in the Germiyan region, Nigar Reşid said, “Families are primarily responsible for the worsening situation of women and girls in the region. Families are subjected to social pressure and threats and social pressure and threats can drive women and girls suicide.”

“Femicide cases are recorded as suicide”

Indicating that femicide cases are hidden from the public and many femicide cases are recorded as suicide in the region, Nigar Reşid said, “Most of women and girls committed suicide due to social pressure and traditions because they could not find any way. I mean, women do not choose to commit suicide but they are driven suicide. Women’s organizations, government agencies and political parties fail to perform their duties and this causes the increase in femicide cases and suspicious women’s deaths. More awareness-raising activities, events should be held and more campaigns should be launched in order to prevent more women and girls from being victims of femicide.”