Displaced people in Idlib cannot access to medicine

Displaced people living in Idlib face many health problems because they cannot access medicine due to economic barriers and they try to get free medicine from health centers.


Idlib - Patients in Idlib have been facing many health problems due to the shortage of medicine and their high prices. The displaced people living in Idlib are more affected by the shortage of medicine and their high prices.

33-year-old Rebiya El-Mihemed, who has lived in a refugee camp in Idlib, told us that she tries to take anti-inflammatory drugs for her five-year-old daughter from the free health center near the camp situated on the Syrian-Turkish border. “My daughter is ill but we cannot buy medicine for her. My husband cannot work because he injured his leg in an attack. I go to the health center to get free medicine but we rarely find free medicines at the health center. We cannot afford to buy medicine from pharmacies.”

“I wait for death every night”

70-year-old Fethiya El-Berhûm has lived in the Atma camp. Stating that she has suffered from many diseases, she said, “I wait for death in pain every night because I cannot get blood pressure and diabetes medications from the free health centers in the camp.”

“Pharmacists show no mercy to the poor people”

38-year-old Beraia El-Eli thinks health centers should provide free drugs to poor people. “We cannot get free medicines from the health centers and pharmacists show no mercy to the poor people. The prices of drugs increase every day.”

Pharmacist Uruba El-Ekrem began to speak to us by pointing to the high prices of medicines. “The medicines are brought illegally and this causes the high prices of medicines.  

The poor people in Idlib cannot access medicine since they cannot get free medicine.