Difficult living conditions force displaced women to return to cities in the line of fire

Displaced women in Idlib have to return to cities and towns, where are in the line of fire due to the difficult living conditions.


Idlib- Difficult living conditions of displaced women in Idlib force them to return to cities and towns, where are in the line of fire. The displaced women have dangerous journey while returning to their hometowns. The bad living conditions in tents and economic difficulties push women on this difficult journey.

She lives on 35 Turkish liras per day

38-year-old Samar El-Aswad, who had to leave her homeland, last year in September, settled in the Al-Bara town of Idlib. “Death is better than what I face now,” she told NuJINHA. Her tent is very old but she cannot afford to buy a new tent. She told us she would freeze in the tent in winter. A new tent costs more than 200 dollars while Samar El-Aswad lives on 35 Turkish liras per day (About 1.88 US dollars). Samar El-Aswad has decided to return to her homeland, where is in the line of fire.

Difficult living condition in tent

Samar El-Aswad is afraid of facing the difficulties she faced last winter. Last year, her tent was flooded by heavy rains. Stating that the decision to return was not easy for her, Samar El-Aswad expressed her fear and anxiety about the ongoing military operations and the constant bombardment of the city. But she is afraid of high temperature in summer and cold weather in winter the most because she has to look after her three children.

She has no other alternative

34-year-old Kholud Al-Mustafa, a displacement woman living in the Kansafra town of Idlib, tries to cope with financial difficulties. She had to leave her house since she could not afford to pay the rent. She decided to return to her hometown because she thought she had no other alternative. Since her husband died, she has worked in agriculture and workshops to take care of her four children.

“Women must be supported”

Feminist activist, psychologist and social counselor Roaa Hammoud points out that women and children, who have returned to unsafe areas, are at risk due to the ongoing crashes. Emphasizing that the duty of the humanitarian aid organizations in Idlib is to help these women, she said, “The living conditions of displaced women are obvious. These living conditions force these women to decide to return unsafe areas with their children. These women must be supported.”