Women show great interest in Book Fair in Sulaymaniyah

Women have shown a great interest in the 4th International Book Fair being held in Sulaymaniyah, a city of the Kurdistan Region.


Sulaymaniyah- The 4th International Book Fair has been held in Sulaymaniyah from November 17 to November 27. Publishing houses from 20 countries have been participating in the book fair. Women have shown a great interest in the book fair.

Besoz Ehmed, one of the women visiting the fair, said that the book fair is a great opportunity for young women. “Young women especially need to read books to improve themselves. Young women can improve themselves by reading books. Reading books is a must for everyone.”

“We can build our future by reading books”

Jawan Soran thinks books open windows to new worlds. “The Kurdish people and women face serious pressures. We can build our future and see the main reasons for the attacks against us by reading books,” she told us.

 Many people have visited the book fair not only from Sulaymaniyah but also many areas of the Kurdistan Region. Jiyan Hemid came from another city of the Kurdistan Region to visit the book fair because, “The reading culture is very important. You can overcome barriers by reading books.”