“Nûjiyan was the voice of women of Shengal”

Zinarîn Zinar, the editor of the “Nûjiyan” documentary film, says that Nujiyan Erhan was the voice, cry and color of the women of Shengal.


Qamishlo - On May 3, 2017, journalist Nûjiyan Erhan (Tuğba Akyılmaz) was shot and seriously injured in the head by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) forces while covering the clashes in the Xanesor (Khanasoor) town of Shengal (Sinjar). She died at Hasakah Hospital on March 22. The “Nûjiyan” documentary film is about the life of Nûjiyan Erhan. The premiere of the documentary took place in Xanesor on May 22, 2022. Then, it was screened in Hasakah on June 17. NuJINHA spoke to Zinarîn Zinar, the editor of the documentary film, about the film.

Honor to be a part of the team

Indicating that it was an honor for her to be a part of the documentary team, Zinarîn Zinar told us that they shot the documentary film in Shengal and Rojava. Despite facing some technical problems while shooting the documentary, they managed to overcome these problems. Zinarîn Zinar saw Nujiyan Erhan several times before she was killed, so being a part of the documentary film was a different feeling for her.

“She is the cry of the women of Shengal”

The documentary team interviewed the women of Shengal to learn more about the life of Nujiyan Erhan. “I learned more about the personality of Nujiyan from Yazidi women. While listening to Yazidi women, I understood that Nûjiyan was the voice, cry and color of Yazidi women. Nûjiyan made the voices of Yazidi women heard all around the world.” Stating that the women of Shengal saw Nujiyan Erhan as their leader, Zinarîn Zinar said, “Our aim at shooting the documentary film is to realize Nûjiyan’s dream. She dreamed of a free Kurdistan.”

Call on women

Zinarîn Zinar added that she sees the beauty of women in the person of Nujiyan Erhan. “I call on all women to take part in such projects. Women should reveal their own power and show that power to everyone. We, as three women, shot this documentary film. We have shown that women can be successful if they want.”