“I forget my illness by making handicrafts”

Remziye Ehmed, who does not give up on life despite cancer, displays her skills by participating in various exhibitions and festivals in order to forget her illness.


Pêncewîn – 55-year-old Remziye Ehmed, who lives in the city of Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Region, has received cancer treatment for a long time. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, she does not give up on life. In 1992, she began to make handicrafts and she has participated in many exhibitions and festivals, including the Pêncewîn Art Festival to display her skills. At the Pêncewîn Art Festival, she wore traditional Kurdish clothes and displayed her handicrafts by serving Kurdish dishes to the visitors.

She forgets her illness by conserving her culture

Speaking about her art skills, Remziye Ehmed said, “My husband and I were diagnosed with cancer. My husband died three years ago due to cancer. I try to make handicrafts, ceramic objects and Kurdish dishes to conserve my culture and forget my illness. I also make dolls in Kurdish clothes.”